Timesheet Submission

Please complete and submit this time sheet by 11am on the Monday following the week worked.

Timesheets not received by the payroll department by this time will not be paid.

Hours worked

Hours will be paid to the nearest 15 minutes. Start times will be to the next quarter of an hour and finish times will be paid to the previous quarter of an hour.

Start TimeLunchFinish TimeOvertimeTotal
Grand Total (Not including holiday)

Holiday(s) Taken:

Mark on the table above any holidays taken in this week. Please write comments of holiday payments in the space below.

Our Candidates Say

I've had the benefit of Bruckshaws first class service

I hope I don't have to speak to you about looking for another job for a long time, however, if I do I will make sure that you are the first to know.

Bruckshaw were very professional and approachable during the recruitment process.

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all your help last year.

"I have dealt with many recruitment agencies over the past few years, both as a candidate and as a recruiter and have found few to provide a truly personal service.

Thanks for your help in getting to this stage, it was a very pleasant experience dealing with you.